Engagement and Weddings

Alf Mabrouk! Congratulations!

Complement your ceremony with the perfect backdrop, a beautiful sunset with golden hues dancing off the waters of the Dead Sea. Once the sun dips behind the horizon, the ambience of a vast moon-lit sky dotted with stars mingles with lanterns and candles setting the scene for a night to remember. An exquisite attention to all details ensures you have beautiful memories of the perfect wedding location in Jordan.

Planning for your big day is no small feat and the perfect venue is always a top priority. Look no further. The Panorama Dead Sea is the ideal location for that special night.

Engagement and Weddings

 Our wedding planning services include;

  • Pre-Wedding Celebrations

  • Wedding Concept Design

  • Catering Food

  • Cake Desserts

  • Music Entertainment

  • Photography / Video

  • Audiovisual arrangements

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